Crayon Pop – BarBarBar

Have you ever seen this article?
Crayon pop is South Korean singer!

Today’s post is about “Crayon pop”

Crayon pop is very hot new idol group in South Korea.
They debut at 2012! They are new idol girl group!
They have 5 members and name is Ealen, Soul, Kimi, Choa, and Way.
Reasons why they are hot in Korea is that their song is very addictive and dancing is so cute.

Here is a music video!
It is Crayon Pop – BarBarBar

Actually, this song has no specific meaning at lyric.
It just fun song!
Isn’t it exiting?

In addition, two members are twin!
Name is Choa and Way!

If I write down their group name in Korean: Crayon Pop = 크레용팝
I hope that they would be famous like PSY.

Enjoy K-PoP :^)


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