K-pop star season 3, Audition program

K-pop star season 3 will start at November 24, 2013.
K-pop star is famous survival audition in South Korea, like American Idol!
Program’s purpose is that find out K-pop star for all over the world.
It will be broadcasting by SBS at 4:45, one of Korea’s broadcasting channel.

Season 1 winner was ParK Jimin.
Season 1 broadcasted at 2012.
She is born in 1997 and debuted at 2012 with single album, I Dream.

Do you know Pop song, Rolling in the deep by Adel who is famous England singer?
Park Jimin did her song and won high praise!
Here is a video.

Season 2 winner was Devil Musician.
Season 2 broadcasted at early 2013.
The group name is seen like strong, but they are really cute and lovely image.
They are brother and sister and sing a song writer.
They do not debut yet.

My favorite song of Devil Musician is “Foreigner’s confession”.
Here is a video.

This song expressed the foreigner’s mind.
Even though he really wants to show his love to girl he does not know Korean well.
So he mixed some English and Korean and said ‘I love you’.
I think this song is really lovely.

I hope that K-pop start seaon 3 also find out good star!

Enjoy K-pop :^)

T.O.P is coming back

T.O.P is coming back with 4th solo album, DOOM DADA.
Not to be confused with Tower of Power!
T.O.P is a lead rapper of the hip hop Korean boy band Big Bang.
Do you remember my Taeyang’s post? T.O.P and Taeyang is same group member, but they release each solo album.

T.O.P is jack of all trades because he is rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and actor.
I really like his voice and acting!

Recently, he shot a movie, Commitment.
He is a main character.

Here is his new song, DOOM DADA!

This song expresses how much he is awesome!

Enjoy K-POP :^)

The Inheritors, Korean drama OST

Some of my the U.S friends are really like to Korean drama, The Inheritors(=상속자들)!
The Inheritors are youth trendy drama. It deals with the reach high school student’s love and friendship.
It aired on SBS, one of Korea TV channel on October 9, 2013.
(If you want to watch Korea drama and TV show with English subtitle, I will tell you. Please leave a comment!)

Today, I want to post The Inheritors’ Original Sound Track.
Until now, it released 6 OST albums.
This is list.

The order is No/ Title (=Korean)/ Artist
No.1/I’m Saying…(=말이야)/Lee Hongki.
No.2/Love Is…(=사랑은)/Park Jang Hyun & Park Hyun Kyu
Named by Love(=사랑이라는 이름으로)/KEN
Two of US(=두사람)/ Park Jang Hyun
Bite The lower Lip(=아랫입술을 물고)/Asna
No.5/Story/Park Sinhae
No.6/Cry Again(=또 운다)/Moon Hyungjin

My friends really like I’m Saying…(=말이야) by Lee Hongki and Moment/Changmin(2AM).
Here is both two music’s video!
Both videos includes English subtitle. I hope that it helps for you guys.

First song is “I’m Saying…(=말이야)” by Lee Hongki.

Second song is “Moment” by Changmin.
I am sorry. I cannot find the video which includes English subtitle.
This song expresses that love is moment so we loved each other passionately.

Enjoy Korean song and also enjoy Korean drama.

Taeyang is coming back!

Taeyang who is one of the Bigbang members is coming back as solo with single album, “RINGA LINGA”!
Bigbang is very famous hip-pop boy group in South Korea.
(I will post about Bingbang as soon as possible.)

Bigbang debuted at 2006 and Taeyang started a solo album at 2008.
This is his solo album history!
2006 “My Girl” (Taeyang solo)
2008 “Prayer” (feat. Teddy)
“Look Only At Me” (“나만 바라봐,” Naman barabwa) 1
2009 “Where U At” 3 Solar
“Wedding Dress” (“웨딩드레스,” Wedingdeureseu) 1
2010 “I Need a Girl” (feat. G-Dragon Sandara Park) 1
“I’ll Be There” 1 Solar International
2013 “Ringa Linga”

Let’s watch his new song music video, “Ringa Linga”.

I love his dance.
This song express that we have to enjoy today’s life!

Enjoy today’s life and enjoy K-Pop:^)

Girls’ Generation got a prize at YouTube Music Awards!

Hey, you guys read this article?
Girls’ Generation, Korean girl group got the best music video price at first YouTube awards!
The group is top girl group in South Korea.

First watch thier awesome music video!
Song name is “I got a boy”.

Girls’ Generation consists of nine members: From left to right: Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny and Yuri.
They debuted at 2007 with “Into the New World”.
Their most famous song is “Gee”, so they gained significant popularity with it.
Here is “Gee” music video.
(This video includes English subtitle.)

I really love this song melody and dance!

Lastly, this is the video which Girls’ Generation got a prize at YouTube Music Awards.

I am so proud of them.

Enjoy K-pop :^)

Miss A is coming back

Miss A is a four member Chinese-Korean girl group in South Korea. Two members are Chinese and the other two members are South Korean.
Miss A is coming back with their second album, “Hush” at November 6, 2013.

The group debuted with “Bad But Good” album at 2010.
The four members name Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy.
Fei and Jia is Chinese and Min and Suzy is Korean.

This album, “Hush” contains 13 songs.
1. 놀러와 (=Play with me)
2. Hush
3. Love is u
4. Spotlight
5. Hide & Sick
6. (Mama) I′m Good
7. Like U
8. Hush (Party ver.)
9. Touch
10. Over U
11. Time′s Up
12. If I Were A Boy
13. 남자 없이 잘 살아 (=I cannot live without you)

Here is title song music video!

This song express that love is sweet like Hush chocolate.

Enjoy K-pop :^)

GOD is coming back!

Hey gays! GOD is coming back at March 2014.
I think most of you do not know who they are but they are really famous boy group at 1990’s.
The reason why it is shocking news is that after their last album and 2004, the group broke up and took a break for 9 years.
However, next year the group is going to release new album.

GOD is their group name and they are five members: Kim Taewoo, Son Hoyung, Yoon Gaesang, Park Junyung, and Dany Ann.
They debuted at 1998 with first album, “Chapter one”.
The title song is “Dear Mother”.
It is really good song. It expressed the mother’s love.
Here is music video.
(It is too old video, so it does not include any English subtitle. I am sorry.)

They released seven-album and all of them were really successful.
However, Yoon Gaesang was out of group at 2004 and the group was stop to release new song.
The each of member focused on their personal activities after 2004.

I am really happy to listen to their song again!
I cannot wait it!
Enjoy K-Pop :^)

Who is 4Minute?

As I said before “Troble Maker” post, I will post about 4Minute today!
4Minute is famous girl group in South Korea.
4Minute means that they will ctach audience’s mind in 4 minutes.
They debuted in June 2009 with its first single, “Hot Issue”.

4 Minute Members
As you can see the picture, they are 5 members: Ji Hyun, Ga yun, So Hyun, Ji Yun, Hyun A.
(Do you remeber that Hyun A acted in PSY music video and also Trouble Maker’s member? If you can’t please see my “Touble Maker post”.)

Here is their first song, Hot issue.
This video includes Hangeul and English subtitle.
I hope that subtitle helps you understand the song.
(Hangeul is Korean languge.)

This song expressed that the group will be hot issue and then everybody wants to follow them.

If you want to wathch their live stage, please click below video!
This is 4Minute debute stage.

My favorite 4Minute song is “What your name?”.
It is a recent album title song at 2013.
Here is live stage and it includes English subtitle.

I like their Dance and melody because they are easy to remember.

Enjoy K-pop:^)

Who is Beast?

As I before said to you, I will post about Beast!
(Please, look at my “Trouble Maker” post!)
Beast is very famous boy gorup in South Korea.
They debuted at 2009 with “Beast Is The B2ST” and title song is “Bad girl”.
Thier fan club name is “Beauty”

They are six members: Yoon Dujoon, Yang Yoosum, Jan Hyeonsyung, Lee Kikung, Son Donyoon.

When they debuted, they were just one of the boy group during one year.
But, they was boom up because of the song “Shock”
Here is music video!

This song expressed that a boyfriend was shocked because a girlfriend suddenly said good bye to him.

My favorite “Beast” song is “Breath”.
Here is music!
(It included English sub-title.)

Next time, I will post about 4Minute.
Enjoy K-POP :^)

Troble Maker is coming back

Trouble Maker who is male and female duo is coming back with Second mini album “Chemistry”.
Title song is “Now”.
This song concept is very lewd!

Before introducing them, listen their song first!
Here is “Now” music video.

I think this song too much uses sex appeal.
This song expresses that we do not have tomorrow so, we have to enjoy now!

As I before said, Trouble Maker is male and female duo and they are unit group.
Male member’s name is Hyeon-seung who is one of Beast member.
Beast is famous boy group in South Korea.
(Next week I will post about Beast)

I think some of people know the female member because she performed at PSY’s Gangnam style music video!
Can you remember her?
Her name is Hyeon-A. She is one of 4Minutes member.
4Minutes is also famous girl group in South Korea.
(I also post about 4Minutes at next week)

I think their song is pretty good but their performance is too sexy.
I hope that they show good performance and good song.

Enjoy K-PoP :^)